Hydrogen production

As the hydrogen economy grows, there is a massive opportunity for renewable energy producers to expand their operations and generate green hydrogen. Partnering with us and generating green hydrogen through water electrolysis enables you to make the most of your renewable investment and expand operations.

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Renewable energy process
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Green Hydrogen production

Entering the hydrogen economy

Green Hydrogen Production

Commercial renewable energy generation has often been curbed by the ability of producers to secure grid connections and export into the existing distribution network. Green hydrogen production as part of your renewable energy operations, allows you to effectively store your renewable energy for use outside of the national network. This would enable you to divert electricity at times when you’re producing more than you can export, or expand your operations.

Green Hydrogen as a fuel

It’s the hydrogen energy stored within fossil fuels that we are currently relying on, and oil, coal, and gas provide convenient storage as hydro-carbons. Until now, renewable energy has been viewed as less convenient and reliable due to fluctuations in weather and other restricting conditions. Green hydrogen is now an effective way of storing renewable energy, which will ultimately allow us to transfer to zero-emissions, carbon-free energy.

Siemens Energy and GeoPura are actively looking for renewable energy producers who want to maximise their renewable energy production and generate green hydrogen at their sites. Green hydrogen production is efficient, reliable and releases zero emissions, meeting the energy needs and emissions requirements of many different industries.

We install industrial-scale electrolysers across the globe with the capability to convert four litres of water into the hydrogen fuel equivalent of a litre of petrol every minute of every day.

Hydrogen production

Our service

The comprehensive service solution from GeoPura and Siemens Energy is designed to provide a guaranteed revenue stream through a serviced model. The model includes:

  • Green Hydrogen equipment
  • Maintenance/service contract
  • Hydrogen purchase contract at known price
  • Metering and monitoring
  • Transportation

Your obligation is to provide the electricity, water, and site access / pre-preparation

If your renewable energy production, or return on investment, is being limited by grid connection capacity or fluctuations in demand, being able to divert capacity to green hydrogen production is the ideal solution.
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About GeoPura

GeoPura was founded to help source enough clean energy to electrify our global economy and navigate the logistical issues of getting this energy to where it is needed.

The GeoPura solution uses renewable energy, normally solar PV or wind, to create hydrogen and hydrogen based zero emission fuels. This fuel is then transported to locations where a local generator converts it to electrical power. From start to finish the process is clean and carbon free – the only by-product is pure water.

Hydrogen production

How it works

Our solution uses renewable energy, such as solar or wind, to create a green hydrogen fuel. This fuel is then transported to locations where a local generator converts it to electricity to power. From start to finish it’s 100% clean and carbon free – the only by-product is pure water and air.

The Process

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Renewable Energy

1. Renewable energy generation


2. Water electrolysis to produce green hydrogen

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3. Store renewable energy as a hydrogen based fuel

transporting hydrogen

4. Transport hydrogen fuel to where it is needed

Hydrogen power unit

5. Hydrogen Power Unit uses hydrogen fuel to produce zero-emissions electricity

ev charging

6. Zero emissions power for limitless applications


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