GeoPura ramps up production in 2024

GeoPura ramps up production in 2024




It’s 2024 and we’re powering ahead with our expansion, working in collaboration with Siemens Energy to manufacture our HPUs at scale in the UK.  

GeoPura is accelerating the roll out of our proven hydrogen technology, bringing more generators to market to service growing customer demand. To support this growth, we have increased headcount in our team by 50%, and recruited our first hydrogen apprentices. 

Andrew Cunningham, CEO of GeoPura, commented: “Through our strategic partnership with Siemens Energy and with the support of our investors, we’re fast-tracking the deployment of our HPU technology to meet the surging demand for cleaner, more efficient generators. 

“Alongside scaling up the production of our hydrogen powered generators, we’re also investing in our people and strengthening our support capabilities across all functions, providing comprehensive end to end support to our customers, including generator set up, hydrogen supply and remote monitoring.  

“Our HPUs and supply of green hydrogen are commercially available today, providing a transformative solution that empowers businesses to embrace sustainability and drive their decarbonisation efforts, now and into the future.” 

Take a look behind the scenes to see our latest units in production at the Siemens Energy facility in Newcastle upon Tyne.  

Watch here: 

The GeoPura HPU is a clean, efficient, and reliable solution that enables businesses to eliminate diesel generators and transform their energy use. With smart power management and onboard batteries, the HPU can be used off grid, or alongside an existing grid supply to manage peak demands, augmenting an existing supply to boost availability, unlocking capacity where electricity grid upgrades are delayed or not feasible. 

Moreover, the HPU is scalable, cost-effective, and sustainable, making it an attractive solution for businesses looking to transition to clean energy.  Check out our latest case studies for examples of where the HPU has been deployed and the emission savings achieved.  

At GeoPura, we are committed to helping businesses reach their net-zero ambitions sooner by providing zero-emission energy wherever it’s needed.  

Get in touch now to reserve a HPU coming off the production line soon… 

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