100% Renewable Charging Without Limits

GeoPura has a totally zero emissions answer to how we’re going to generate and distribute the vast amount of energy required to power the growing number of Electric Vehicles (EVs) through harnessing the power of hydrogen.

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In partnership with Siemens, GeoPura is offering car park owners and operators the ability to generate their own 100% carbon and emissions free electricity on site and offer unlimited numbers of charging points by harnessing the power of hydrogen.

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The Problem

We're transitioning to EVs faster than predicted

Experts forecast that by 2025 we will have over 1 million EVs on our UK roads. However, if sales of EVs keep doubling each year, a trend shown in the last three years, there could be 10 million EVs in the UK by 2025.

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EV scale

They will all need regular access to charging points

The UK’s electrical distribution system wasn’t designed to support the mass electrification of personal transport.

Electric car meter


of UK households do not have access to private car parking.

Electric car meter
At the end of 2013 there were 3,500 plug in cars in the UK, by the end of April 2019 there were more than 210,000
On 1 May 2019 UK Parliament approved a motion to declare an environment and climate emergency
On 2 May the Committee on Climate Change published ‘Net Zero - The UK's contribution to stopping global warming’ outlining how the UK can end its contribution to global warming within 30 years by setting an ambitious new target to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050

The Solution

GeoPura’s solution uses renewable energy, namely solar or wind, to create a liquid hydrogen-based fuel at sites throughout the UK. This fuel is then transported using EV road tankers and delivered to locations where a local generator converts it to electricity to power 1,000s of charging points at a time. From start to finish it’s 100% carbon and emissions free - the only by-product is water and air.

Renewable Energy

1 Renewable Energy


2 Electrolyser


3 Hydrogen Based Fuel

Transport hydrogen fuel

4 Transport

(Drinking Water)

5 Generator

Electric car park

6 Power 1000s EV charging
points in car park

The Offer

This new solution offers huge opportunity for the future development of city centres. Car parks can generate emission-free electricity and encourage emission-free vehicles to their sites strongly supporting the current objectives for clean air. Satisfying the need for EV charging in city centre locations will also support regeneration with retail, hospitality and leisure venues all benefiting from an additional reason to visit.

GeoPura is working with Siemens to offer this technology through a flexible contract. Electricity generation will be installed, serviced and supplied from the outset and the number of charge points increased over the length of the contract as required helping car park operators transition smoothly.

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