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About GeoPura

GeoPura was founded to help source enough clean energy to electrify our global economy and navigate the logistical issues of getting this energy to where it is needed.

The GeoPura solution uses renewable energy, normally solar PV or wind, to create hydrogen and hydrogen based zero emission fuels. This fuel is then transported to locations where a local generator converts it to electrical power. From start to finish the process is clean and carbon free – the only by-product is pure water.

About us

Our mission

GeoPura is enabling the production, transport, and use of zero-emissions fuels with innovative and commercially viable technology to decarbonise our global economy.

As the world transitions away from fossils fuels, there is an increasing need for reliable, clean electricity. If we are to continue using the amount of power we currently do, our grid system will need support from renewable energy sources, such as green hydrogen.

With our partner Siemens Energy, we are committed to providing 100% clean, renewable energy, independent from the grid, wherever and whenever it’s needed.

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Siemens and Geopura HPU

About us

Siemens Energy

GeoPura has worked alongside Siemens since our launch in 2019, sharing knowledge and expertise whilst maintaining our independence.

We have also supplied both Siemens and Siemens Energy Ltd with HPUs for two different projects: Goodwood Festival of Speed and National Grid’s Viking Link construction site.

To learn more about how Siemens Energy are implementing renewable energy, visit their website.


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