Film & TV production

Filming on location poses a number of challenges for the film and TV industry; and when the grid can’t deliver and you’re increasingly conscious of the carbon footprint left behind, you need an emissions-free alternative to provide reliable, crucial power for your productions.

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Film & TV production

The challenge

According to BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts), a single hour of television produced in the UK, whether fiction or nonfiction, produces an average of 13 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). These emissions amount to nearly as much as the average person generates in an entire year.

Despite this, the demand for TV and film production remains as strong as ever. The vast amounts of energy required to power production equipment, combined with the emissions caused by transport makes film and TV production one of the biggest polluting sectors in the country.

At GeoPura, we are committed to helping the Film and TV industry to reduce their CO2 emissions. We are proud to be albert accredited and have already worked with the world’s biggest broadcaster, the BBC.

We support The Generator Project, a collaboration of industry members focusing on the use of diesel generators in film and TV production to support the transition to low-carbon, renewable energy alternatives. We value this opportunity to discuss how broadcasters across the globe can embrace the power of zero-emission technology.

Film & TV production

The solution

Zero Emissions Power for the film & TV industry

With such a large energy requirement and a vast variety of locations, the opportunity for the film & TV industry to reduce energy usage or begin to source it all from the grid is extremely limited. It is crucial for the industry to find a reliable and viable alternative to diesel generators and this is what GeoPura offers.

The GeoPura Hydrogen Power Unit delivers 250kVA of standard three-phase, 400V critical electrical power backed up by an integral 216kWh battery system. It can be transported to remote locations and provide reliable, uninterruptable power for live broadcasting or recording, and its only by-product is pure water.

On-location, off-grid renewable energy for the film & TV industry

We understand that on-location filming has its challenges. To overcome these, the HPU provides 100% emissions-free, off-grid power and can also deliver heating and hot water and fast EV charging. These capabilities can further improve the sustainability of your production by supporting cast and crew welfare facilities and onsite transport with zero-emissions power. The flexible nature of the HPU allows for multiple units to be combined to produce as much power as necessary.

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Hydrogen Power Unit used for Film and TV

The benefits

Why choose us?

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More efficient

HPUs convert hydrogen fuel directly into electrical energy. Unlike traditional combustion engines that convert fuel into heat and then mechanical work.

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No harmful emissions

HPUs emit just water and a little heat. Internal combustion engines emit CO2 and pollutants such as NOx and particles.

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HPUs have no moving parts and require less maintenance. Integrated 216kWh battery storage provides hours of back-up should a hydrogen supply be interrupted at any stage


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