Sustainability Matters: Reasons Why Film and TV Production Companies Should Switch to Hydrogen Powered Generators

Sustainability Matters: Reasons Why Film and TV Production Companies Should Switch to Hydrogen Powered Generators




Lights, camera, sustainability action! The film and TV production industry is renowned for its creativity, innovation, and captivating storytelling. However, behind the scenes, it faces a significant challenge when it comes to sustainability. In recent years, the industry has been making strides in this field, but with increasing public awareness of environmental issues, companies in this sector are under pressure to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt cleaner energy alternatives.

The introduction of hydrogen generators, such as GeoPura’s HPU, presents a transformative solution. Let’s explore the top reasons why film and TV production companies in the UK should make the switch to hydrogen generators.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

The film and TV production sector in the UK is responsible for a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions. According to a report by the British Film Institute (BFI), the production of films and television shows generates an estimated 840,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually in the UK. Diesel generators, commonly used for off-grid and temporary power, contribute to a substantial portion of these emissions. By transitioning to HPU hydrogen powered generators, companies can eliminate the use of fossil fuels and achieve a significant reduction in carbon emissions. Hydrogen is a clean energy source that produces only water vapor when used as fuel, making it an ideal choice for achieving net-zero targets.

Improved Air Quality

Film and TV productions often take place in urban areas where air pollution is a pressing concern. The use of diesel generators releases pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) into the atmosphere, even when using HVO or biodiesel replacements, contributing to poor air quality. In the UK, air pollution is a significant public health issue, with an estimated 40,000 premature deaths each year attributed to air pollution-related causes. By switching to hydrogen, film and TV production companies can eliminate these harmful emissions and contribute to improved air quality. This is especially crucial in urban filming applications, where local communities are directly affected by pollution.

Embracing HPU hydrogen powered generators demonstrates a commitment to protecting public health and the environment. The BBC, for example, has showcased its dedication to sustainability by using GeoPura’s HPU to power emissions-free live broadcasts in its Springwatch and Winterwatch series, reducing their environmental impact.

Read more here: The future of outside broadcasting is here – Springwatch Leads the Way to a Greener Future with Hydrogen Power – GeoPura

BBC screengrab
Watch Chris Packham’s commentary here –

Noise Reduction and Enhanced Sound Quality

In addition to environmental concerns, the excessive noise generated by diesel generators poses a significant challenge for film and TV production. It disrupts nearby residents, wildlife, and even the filming operations themselves, that are often subject to restrictions on working hours due to noise pollution concerns. This limitation can lead to increased costs and delays in project timelines, as well as compromising sound quality.

However, GeoPura HPUs operate near silently, providing a seamless filming experience. With reduced noise pollution, the production crew can focus on capturing the perfect shot, resulting in improved sound quality and a more immersive viewing experience for the audience. Additionally, a quieter working environment creates a more pleasant atmosphere for both the crew and nearby communities.


Unplanned failures of diesel generators can disrupt filming schedules, result in costly delays, and even lead to the loss of valuable footage. With its built-in UPS battery system and grid syncing function, the HPU eliminates the risk of power outages that could disrupt live broadcasts and compromise the viewer experience. It provides a consistent and stable power source, enabling seamless execution of live events, news broadcasts, and sports coverage where the cost of failure is high.

This reliability removes the need for back up generators and the associated costs and emissions, and ensures that the production goes smoothly without any interruptions, guaranteeing high-quality and uninterrupted entertainment for the audience.

Cost-Effectiveness and Flexibility

GeoPura HPUs offer cost savings and increased flexibility for film and TV production companies, providing a stable and reliable energy source, free from fluctuating diesel prices. By eliminating the need for backup generators and reducing maintenance requirements, the HPUs offer long-term financial benefits for production budgets.

Moreover, GeoPura HPUs can be easily scaled to meet the energy demands of any production, from small indie projects to large-scale film sets. Their modular design allows for hassle-free integration into existing infrastructure. Additionally, they can work alongside the grid to manage peak demands and supplement other sustainability measures on set, such as battery packs and electric vehicles. This flexibility enables zero-emission charging and supports the adoption of sustainable practices in the film and TV industry.

The UK film and TV production industry recognises the importance of sustainability and is actively taking steps to address its environmental impact. The BFI has launched the Albert initiative, of which GeoPura is a part, a collaborative industry-wide program aimed at reducing carbon emissions. Additionally, major studios and production companies in the UK have made commitments to sustainability, setting ambitious targets to reduce their carbon footprint. Switching to hydrogen powered generators aligns with these goals and provides a practical solution for achieving a greener and more sustainable industry.

By embracing GeoPura’s HPU and transitioning to hydrogen generators, film and TV production companies can contribute to national sustainability efforts. Embracing this innovative technology not only demonstrates environmental responsibility but also enhances the industry’s reputation and ensures its long-term viability in a rapidly changing world.

Companies such as the BBC are leading the way in the adoption of cleaner technologies and have showcased their commitment to sustainability by incorporating GeoPura’s HPU into their productions.

Check out Netflix latest sustainability video showcasing its use of GeoPura HPUs on a recent production:

Screenshot 2023 10 30 162114
Watch Netflix’s Low Carbon Production Video featuring GeoPura here –

The time for action is now. Film and TV production companies have an opportunity to lead the way towards a more sustainable future by harnessing the power of hydrogen. Used on their own or as part of a comprehensive sustainability strategy, GeoPura’s HPU offers a reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly solution for powering sets and reducing the industry’s environmental impact. Let’s work together to create captivating stories while preserving our planet for future generations.

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