EV charging & transport

With the numbers of electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles on our roads rapidly increasing and our grid under growing pressure; fully redundant, off-grid charging solutions are more critical than ever to support our grid and provide the vast amounts of power needed to sustain the future of EVs.

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EV charging & transport

The challenge

The electric car market is growing rapidly, with more than 215,000 pure-electric cars on UK roads at the end of February 2021, and over 455,000 plug-in models when including plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). The market for mainstream hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is also expanding, with leading manufacturer Hyundai planning to roll out around 500,000 of these vehicles per year by 2030.

These vehicles will all need refuelling. The demand for EV charging facilities is increasing exponentially and will place huge pressures on the grid. The limited number of hydrogen fueling stations will need to grow many times over to support a hydrogen fleet.

A successful transition to zero-emissions transport will need a network of charging and refuelling stations across the globe, in locations and quantities dictated by the transport industry and necessity; not grid capacity or accessibility.

The places where people live, work and spend their free time and our existing infrastructure does not fit comfortably with access to large amounts of electrical power.

Up until now, diesel generators would have been an option for off-grid power, but the need to transfer to zero-emission alternatives makes this unfeasible.

You may have already considered turning your car park into an EV charging station but had concerns about the rate at which new EV charging bays should be introduced, or how you will secure the additional energy capacity and manage costs.

You may also be concerned about keeping up with rapidly changing technology and keeping pace with clean air and zero-emissions regulations.

EV charging & transport

The solution

The GeoPura HPU provides large-scale, reliable energy wherever and whenever the grid cannot reach; and its only emissions are pure water. Each unit delivers 250kVA of standard three-phase, 400V critical electrical power backed up by an integral 216kWh battery system and multiple units can be combined, providing seamless scalability for any scope of project.

Navigating the challenge with Renewable Charging

Partnering with Siemens and GeoPura can help you navigate all of the challenges you may face. We build, fuel, and run an emissions-free electricity generator in your car park as part of a long-term contract to provide all the energy, charging and payment infrastructure you need, as the number of EVs using your facility increases.

Whether car parking is your primary operation, or an additional facility for your customers or employees, offering car park EV charging is a big opportunity and an increasingly important requirement. Regardless of your location, GeoPura can support you in delivering fast renewable charging for 1,000s of EVs. And our experience with hydrogen technology means we can deliver hydrogen refuelling as well as EV charging on a fully serviced basis.

The flexibility of Car Park EV Charging

Our HPU and fast-charging posts can be provided on a permanent or temporary basis. This means that we are the perfect partner for outdoor events that have an EV focus or need visitor parking; construction sites using EVs or any other temporary/seasonal requirements.

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The benefits

Why choose us?

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More efficient

HPUs convert hydrogen fuel directly into electrical energy. Unlike traditional combustion engines that convert fuel into heat and then mechanical work.

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No harmful emissions

HPUs emit just water and a little heat. Internal combustion engines emit CO2 and pollutants such as NOx and particles.

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HPUs have no moving parts and require less maintenance. Integrated 216kWh battery storage provides hours of back-up should a hydrogen supply be interrupted at any stage


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