GeoPura launch Hydrogen for Power Generation CPD

GeoPura has launched its first CPD course, focused on the role of hydrogen in power generation applications. This course helps educate on the wide range of options available and how hydrogen can be used sustainably to replace outdated fossil fuel technologies.

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This CPD course is aimed at professionals in the energy, sustainability, TV and film production, logistics and construction industries. The course aims to help advance the use of renewable energies in these key sectors as the need to decarbonise power generation increases.

With the use of highly polluting diesel generators ingrained in many industrial applications over decades, it can be difficult to consider changing to a new solution. However, since the UK government has set sustainability targets and aims to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, sectors must take action to align their approaches with these goals or face penalties and being outperformed by competitors with an environmental focus.

The UK is the largest diesel generator market in Europe and a typical diesel generator produces more than twice the amount of greenhouse gases than grid power. This demonstrates the scale of commercial reliance on fossil fuels and how there is a great opportunity to transition these industries over to a zero-emission solution. With increasing public concern for the long-term impacts of noise and air pollution exposure due to consistent reliance on diesel for power, companies must take action to explore more sustainable technologies. This not only benefits the global environment but also the local area and communities where projects are based, as well as their own employees and teams.

The CPD considers various options for decarbonisation in the energy sector, looking at the pros and cons of each technology and providing a detailed overview of how hydrogen is being used to provide zero-emission electricity across a range of applications via hydrogen-powered generators.

Having operated in the hydrogen sector for over 15 years, GeoPura has developed vast expertise in this field, with some of the most experienced team members in the UK, advising on legislation, policy and safety protocols at the forefront of the power generation sector.

This expert knowledge combined with our experience in delivering a wide range of real-world hydrogen projects and deployments across various industry sectors has led to GeoPura developing a dedicated Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course on this topic, to share our experience and support wider industry in its challenge to decarbonise and achieve net zero targets.

Demand for skilled team members in this industry is continuing to rise. Future-proof your career with this specialised hydrogen CPD course to learn how hydrogen is an ideal solution to zero-emission power.

Learn more about our CPD with the outlined agenda below:

Hydrogen for Power Generation

  • Introduction to GeoPura
  • The Role of Fossil Fuels & Decarbonising the Energy Sector
  • Alternative Power Sources
  • Hydrogen Powered Generators
  • Why Hydrogen?
  • How Can I Make the Switch to Hydrogen?


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