Powering up the energy transition: GeoPura and Siemens Energy’s first of a kind hydrogen apprenticeship scheme in Newcastle.

Powering up the energy transition: GeoPura and Siemens Energy’s first of a kind hydrogen apprenticeship scheme in Newcastle.

GeoPura, a leading player in hydrogen fuelled clean power solutions, has recruited four new apprentice engineers who will play a pivotal role in driving the company’s commitment to clean power technologies.

As we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, this marks a significant milestone with these apprentices being the first to be employed by GeoPura, underscoring the company’s dedication to job creation and skill development in the green energy sector.

The apprentices, embarking on a four-year journey working towards a Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, will work alongside teams at Siemens Energy, a global leader in energy technology, that has recruited 12 of its own apprentices also working at its Newcastle facility to advance the manufacture of hydrogen power generation technology.

GeoPura and Siemens Energy Apprentices
Names L-R – Duncan Brown, Chief Sales Officer at GeoPura, GeoPura apprentices Callum Roberts, Alexander Elliott, Siemens Energy apprentices Mya Christie, Thomas Turnbull-Dixon and Darren Davidson, Vice President Siemens Energy UK&I and Siemens Gamesa UK

The apprentices will undergo a comprehensive program studying at the TDR Training Centre in Newcastle. Their hands-on training will occur at the Siemens Energy manufacturing facility in Newcastle and on-site with GeoPura engineers at locations across the UK, where they will be involved in providing zero-emission power for various applications.

This collaboration is aimed at addressing one of the key challenges in the energy transition in general and the hydrogen industry in particular – the shortage of skilled personnel.

GeoPura recognises that investing in apprentices at this stage of development is crucial for training and retaining the skills required to expand and make a substantial impact on decarbonising power generation. Working alongside Siemens Energy, GeoPura aims to create sustainable job opportunities for young people and simultaneously address the critical issue of skills shortage in the hydrogen industry.

Andrew Cunningham, CEO at GeoPura, said:

“The energy transition is at a crucial juncture, and one of the barriers we face is the shortage of skilled individuals. At GeoPura, we’re proud to take a proactive step by bringing in apprentice engineers who will not only contribute to our growth but also play a vital role in advancing the energy transition.”

Darren Davidson, Vice President of Siemens Energy UK&I and Siemens Gamesa UK, said:

“During National Apprenticeship Week, it’s great to be able to shine a light on a fantastic first of kind training scheme like the one we’ve developed in partnership with GeoPura. I first started my career in Newcastle as an engineering apprentice after leaving school, aged 16, and have never looked back. Thanks to this sector, I’ve had some amazing career opportunities, working across the globe.

“I honestly believe that there’s never been a more exciting time to work in our industry and in the hydrogen sector. The energy transition presents great opportunities for skills development, technological innovation, and collaboration. At Siemens Energy it’s our people that make the difference and it makes me proud to say our dedicated apprentices, working together with GeoPura, are playing a critical role in the UK’s journey to net zero.”

Based in the UK with sites in Nottingham and Newcastle upon Tyne, GeoPura is at the forefront of accelerating the adoption of sustainable energy through zero-emission fuels and clean power technologies. The company’s HPU utilises green hydrogen to provide zero-emission electricity, contributing to reliable, large-scale power with the only by-product being water.

GeoPura Apprentices
(Rebecca Arckless, Head of People GeoPura; Callum Roberts, Hydrogen Apprentice; Alexander Elliott, Hydrogen Apprentice; Sam Wade, Hydrogen Apprentice; Andrew Thorpe, Business Development Manager TDR; Hayden White, Hydrogen Apprentice; Li Xue, TDR)

GeoPura has partnered with recruitment experts Jackson Hogg and training provider TDR to facilitate the apprentice recruitment and training processes. This partnership ensures a seamless integration of new talent into GeoPura’s workforce, combining expertise from both recruitment and training sectors.

“We are excited to welcome these apprentices on board and are confident that our collaboration with Siemens Energy, Jackson Hogg, and TDR will pave the way for a dynamic and skilled workforce. Together, we aim to accelerate the adoption of sustainable energy and make a positive impact on the global push towards net-zero emissions. Hydrogen is not just a fuel of the future; it means clean power and jobs today that will also endure for years to come.” added Cunningham.

The appointment of these apprentices comes on the back of strong growth for GeoPura, having secured significant investment, from notable industry leaders earlier this year, GeoPura is accelerating the roll out of its proven hydrogen technology, bringing more generators to market to service growing customer demand. To support this growth, GeoPura has already more than doubled headcount in the business in the past year.

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