HyMarnham Power’s Green Hydrogen Project Shortlisted For UK’s Net Zero Hydrogen Fund

HyMarnham Power’s Green Hydrogen Project Shortlisted For UK’s Net Zero Hydrogen Fund

Former coal-fired power station set to be transformed into clean energy hub

HyMarnham Power, a joint venture between hydrogen pioneer GeoPura and sustainable waste processing leader JG Pears, has been shortlisted for the UK Government’s Net Zero Hydrogen Fund. The project, based in the East Midlands, will develop the production, storage, and transportation of low carbon hydrogen. Representing a total initial investment of £50 million, the project is contributing to the hydrogen economy and driving significant strides towards the UK’s net zero ambitions.

Harnessing the expertise of GeoPura and JG Pears, the site will be powered by 43 MW of new solar energy and utilises 8MW of electrolysers; establishing a long-term supply of low carbon hydrogen in the region.  

With a planned commercial operation date of November 2024, HyMarhham Power is well positioned to meet the growing demand from Midlands-based customers aiming to significantly reduce their carbon emissions, contributing to the local, regional and national efforts to combat climate change.

Situated at the site of the former High Marnham coal-fired power station, the project highlights the evolving landscape of renewable energy and how this can benefit from existing well-established infrastructure. Acquired by the JG Pears Group, the site has been earmarked as a key renewable energy hub and low-carbon technology site by Bassetlaw District Council. This strategic positioning is further bolstered by the site’s active National Grid substation, unlocking the potential for future renewable and hydrogen capabilities.

The Net Zero Hydrogen Fund, a £240 million initiative overseen by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, is a pivotal element of the UK Government’s broader strategy to achieve net zero emissions. By supporting hydrogen production projects such as this across the UK, the NZHF plays a crucial role in accelerating the commercial deployment of cutting-edge technologies.

GeoPura will act as the primary hydrogen offtaker, fuelling its growing fleet of HPUs, hydrogen powered generators, being deployed across a range of sectors to decarbonise the temporary, off-grid, back-up and supplementary power markets. GeoPura currently provides hydrogen power to Balfour Beatty, HS2, National Grid and the BBC among other sustainability-driven customers, replacing traditional diesel generators with its HPU technology.

Commenting on the project, Andrew Cunningham, CEO of GeoPura, expressed his great enthusiasm for the project: “The HyMarnham Power collaboration aligns seamlessly with GeoPura’s mission to decarbonise power generation and contribute to a sustainable, clean landscape. JG Pears are a great partner with excellent longstanding practical renewable energy experience and we’re delighted to be working along with them and our existing GeoPura shareholders to help move the UK to net zero. 

“Hydrogen is a vital component in the fight against climate change, which is why GeoPura will continue to invest in developing a sustainable hydrogen supply in the region so we can enable even more customers to transition to zero emission energy.”

In addition, a portion of the hydrogen produced will be allocated to address the imperative task of decarbonising road haulage through innovative mobility applications.

Jeff Pears, CEO of J G Pears, highlighted the partnership’s commitment to sustainability and carbon reduction: “The low carbon hydrogen project underscores our dedication to environmentally responsible solutions, first met through our combined heat and power plant at our Low Marnham site, Nottinghamshire. We are thrilled by the opportunity to invest in and deliver this landmark project that restores dis-used land and demonstrates our shared commitment to a cleaner future.”

HyMarnham Power will now enter negotiations with the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, with a view to starting work on the project later this year.

Picture caption: The HyMarnham Power site, home of former High Marnham coal-fired power station

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About HyMarnham Power
HyMarnham Power is a pioneering joint venture between GeoPura and JG Pears, dedicated to advancing sustainable energy solutions through innovative hydrogen technology. The project is focused on producing and delivering low carbon hydrogen to drive industrial decarbonization and contribute to the UK’s net zero goals.

About GeoPura
GeoPura is a leading hydrogen innovator committed to driving the adoption of clean and sustainable energy solutions. GeoPura aims to reshape the energy landscape and accelerate the transition through zero emission fuels.

GeoPura currently provides hydrogen power to Balfour Beatty, HS2, National Grid and the BBC among other sustainability-driven customers, replacing traditional diesel generators with its Hydrogen Power Unit (HPU) technology.

The HPUs are used for temporary, supplementary, off grid and backup power. GeoPura plans to grow the use of hydrogen into other hard-to-decarbonise areas of our energy system, such as EV charging and supplementary grid power, as economies continue to electrify.

With hubs in Nottingham and Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK, GeoPura is mass manufacturing HPUs alongside partner Siemens Energy and investing in the production of green hydrogen to fuel the units.

GeoPura plans to deploy a fleet of over 3,600 HPUs by 2033, providing clean, low-cost reliable power, and displacing more than six million tonnes of CO2 emissions through their operation over their life.


About JG Pears
JG Pears is a leading UK rendering operator, having a reputation as a trusted supplier and business partner.  It operates a number of rendering plants across the UK, offering national hygienic and bio-security processing of all animal by products categories.  It provides a number of safe, natural, and sustainable products, which positions it as an established global supplier of fats, oils and proteins meals into pet food, aquaculture and other specialty sectors.  JG Pears is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, having built and operated its biomass combined heat and power plant since 2017, generating renewable energy by providing steam and electricity to its existing businesses as well as exporting its excess renewable electrical power to the National Grid.  Along with its wind farm assets, the JGP Group has acquired the High Marnham site to further its green energy and circular economy strategic developments.


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