GeoPura closes £56 million investment round with backing from UK Infrastructure Bank to accelerate UK’s green hydrogen expansion

GeoPura closes £56 million investment round with backing from UK Infrastructure Bank to accelerate UK’s green hydrogen expansion

  • Investment will increase UK’s green hydrogen production capacity, and further deployment of GeoPura’s Hydrogen Power Unit generator technology – a low-carbon replacement for diesel powered generators.
  • Financing supports replacement of fossil fuel power with ultra- low emission alternatives in applications such as construction, infrastructure, outdoor events, and enabling the rapid roll out of reliable, high-power EV charging in locations with limited grid capacity.
  • Round supports GeoPura’s continued growth and investment in green skills and technology to decarbonise UK’s power generation, with 400 jobs expected to be created over next 5 years.

GeoPura, the UK-based green hydrogen pioneer, has completed a £56 million investment round that will help accelerate the UK’s adoption of green hydrogen by expanding production capacity, growing the specialist workforce in the UK, and increasing the deployment of its power generation technology.

The UK Infrastructure Bank committed £30million to the round, led by a follow-on investment from Barclays Sustainable Impact Capital and supported by GeoPura’s existing investors: GM Ventures, SWEN Capital Partners, and Siemens Energy Ventures.

The financing will directly increase the manufacture and supply of GeoPura’s Hydrogen Power Units (HPUs) at its Newcastle based facility, which replace traditional diesel generators and emit zero harmful emissions. The HPUs have already been successfully supplied to a wide range of high-profile customers including the Ministry of Defence, Balfour Beatty, National Grid and the BBC. 

In addition, GeoPura will expand its production of green hydrogen, helping to transform an old coal power station site as part of the HyMarnham Power Green Hydrogen project in the East Midlands. The scaling up of green hydrogen is vital in helping to meet net zero by reducing emissions in hard to abate sectors – such as in construction and our industrial heartlands, and complement renewables by providing supplementary power to the electricity grid.

GeoPura’s HPU technology exemplifies how the transition to sustainable energy can be accelerated, even in the face of grid challenges. As electricity demand increases due to the proliferation of electric vehicles and other clean technologies, supplementary power sources such as the HPU are paramount to provide the capacity required, prevent gridlock and secure a sustainable energy future.

With hubs in Nottingham, Matlock, Sheffield and Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK, GeoPura is mass manufacturing HPUs in collaboration with partner Siemens Energy and plans to deploy a fleet of over 3,600 HPUs by 2033, providing clean, low-cost reliable power, displacing more than ten million tonnes of CO2 emissions through their operation over their life*.

Andrew Cunningham, CEO of GeoPura, said: “Having experienced the hottest year on record in 2023 with the negative impact of extreme weather events increasing globally every month, our need to combat climate change has never been more urgent. Now, more than ever, we need to act and provide industry with proven and effective solutions to achieve their Net Zero goals as well as allowing them to reduce their liability for destroying air quality with particulates, NOx and other harmful emissions from traditional generators.
“The challenge of replacing the estimated 300billion US dollar installed base of highly polluting diesel generators over the next 10 years is significant and requires the scale and commitment that investors such as UKIB and our existing highly supportive shareholders and partners provide. We’re delighted to be taking this next step and it’s brilliant to be working together to make a real, tangible impact today by reducing filthy engine emissions, providing better air quality for us all.”

John Flint, CEO at UK Infrastructure Bank, said:
“Our investment in GeoPura is another example of our problem solving in action. By removing barriers to investment in the hydrogen sector – a critical nascent market on the route to net zero – we are creating a sustainable platform from which to finance additional green hydrogen projects in the near future.”

James Ferrier, Director, Principal Investments, Barclays Sustainable Impact Capital added: “Scaling new climate technologies – like GeoPura’s HPUs – will be critical in decarbonising the UK economy, as sectors with no existing viable alternatives to fossil fuels look to our home-grown entrepreneurs for innovative solutions to help them cut emissions. GeoPura’s work is incredibly exciting in that they are helping to accelerate the UK’s adoption of green hydrogen by addressing supply and demand simultaneously, all the while building the workforce of the future. We look forward to seeing GeoPura’s growth over the coming years.”

Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury Gareth Davies MP said: “We’re backing our green industry to seize opportunities in the transition that will help grow our economy – the Bank’s first green hydrogen deal is part of that plan.

“From boosting green jobs to cutting emissions with their cutting-edge tech, GeoPura is helping us lead the way to a cleaner, greener UK.”

Minister for Energy Efficiency and Green Finance Lord Callanan said: “The UK is leading the way in cutting emissions, having already slashed them by half since 1990, while also growing our economy by nearly 80%. 

“UKIB and GeoPura’s announcement is another vote of confidence in our world-leading hydrogen industry and will help deliver hydrogen power to more businesses across the UK, cutting our emissions even further.”

Building upon GeoPura’s success in the UK Government’s Net Zero Hydrogen HAR1 allocation round that will see HyMarnham Power, a 50/50 JV between GeoPura and JG Pears, transform a former coal-fired power station in the East Midlands into a clean energy hub, a portion of the investment will be dedicated to further developing hydrogen production capacity and capability. This includes investments in storage and distribution assets, crucial for managing potential supply risks associated with growth.

This investment comes on the heels of a highly successful year for GeoPura, during which the company secured multiple new customers, further expanded its reach into Europe, and launched new HPU-based products to strengthen its portfolio, meeting customer needs for more mobile power solutions.

2023 also saw GeoPura more than double its headcount and recruit its first hydrogen apprentices, investing in green skills in the Northeast of England and throughout the UK, while supporting the global deployment of the technology. It is anticipated that in the region of 400 jobs will be created by GeoPura within the hydrogen sector over the next 5 years to facilitate the company’s’ planned growth.

The latest round of funding follows a £36 million raise 12 months prior, underscoring the ongoing confidence and commitment of existing investors and highlighting the promising future potential of the technology in a rapidly growing market.

Barclays’ Energy Transition Group, a group within the Investment Bank of Barclays Bank PLC, acted as financial adviser and assisted GeoPura in respect of the UK Infrastructure Bank’s investment.


Hydrogen Power Unit in action © HS2 Ltd

Picture caption: GeoPura HPU in action providing zero emission power. Image © HS2 Ltd

GeoPura Hydrogen Production

Picture caption: GeoPura green hydrogen

Notes to editors:

* Over the life of a HPU emissions equivalent of up to 4,000 tonnes of CO2 are expected to be avoided when compared to a diesel generator, replacing approximately 1.5 million litres of diesel with green hydrogen. Taken in aggregate, the c.3,600 units GeoPura expect to have commissioned by FYE32 have the potential to displace c.14.5m tonnes of CO2 emissions over their useful life.

Data source: Portable Emission Measurement System (PEMS)Testing of a 100KVA generator using Red Diesel and ISO grade Diesel, KCL, assuming 25% load with red diesel (

About GeoPura:

Established to decarbonise global economies using zero-emission fuels, GeoPura has grown rapidly since delivering its first Hydrogen Power Unit (HPU) in collaboration with Siemens Energy in 2019. GeoPura’s HPU technology and end-to-end service is a multi-purpose replacement for diesel power worldwide and is available today. GeoPura generates hydrogen, stores and transports the fuel to customers for use in its HPUs – customers simply rent the units and pay for the fuel used.

The company is initially targeting sectors with the highest diesel use today, such as construction, film and TV, infrastructure, and outdoor events. It is also providing a solution to power commercial EV charging, where the local electricity network alone isn’t sufficient without additional support. The only by-product is pure water and heat.
Case studies:

The Defence Support organisation have launched three hydrogen-fuelled charging facilities to power Front-Line Command electric fleet vehicles. Starting with RAF Leeming, the HPUs are being trialled at the Navy’s HMNB DEVONPORT and the Army’s Merville Barracks, Colchester. Trialling the use of hydrogen as an energy source is an important step in Defence’s transition to a fleet which is zero-emissions at the tailpipe by the end of December 2027. Full case study here.

BMW PGA Championship
The 2023 BMW PGA Championship on the DP World Tour was the first ever sporting event to have its live television production powered entirely by green hydrogen – producing zero emissions. It is estimated that relying on HPUs saved a total of 16.4 Tonnes of CO2 compared to the 2022 tournament. Used in place of high polluting diesel generators, the HPUs produce zero on location CO2 or particulate emissions, with water the only by-product.

See more here:


An HS2 construction site in London has held successful trials for two zero-emissions hydrogen fuel cell-based electricity generators – cutting carbon and improving air quality for workers and the local community. Full case study here.


In a TV first, GeoPura powered each of the 12 live Springwatch broadcasts over the course of the show’s three-week run from May 25 to June 11 2021 with 100% clean energy. Hailed as the future of outside broadcasting by Chris Packham, GeoPura has provided zero emission power for all subsequent series of Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch, significantly reducing its emissions. Full case study here.


GeoPura, alongside its partner Siemens Energy, installed a fuel cell system in the grounds of the Villa Cora, Florence, to produce renewable energy to charge the Polestar 1 electric vehicle global launch. Like many locations, this world renowned hotel doesn’t have the spare electrical network capacity required to power a bank of rapid EV chargers, so the HPU provided the clean power to do just that. Full case study here.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

GeoPura showcased its world-first Hydrogen Fuel cell technology at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The company supported the festival’s Technology Partner Siemens to deliver a ‘clean’ hydrogen fuel cell system to charge a section of the festival including the Electric Vehicles in the First Glance Paddock. Full case study here.

Hydrogen Power Unit

The GeoPura HPU is built on industrial hydrogen fuel cells, and provides 250kW electrical output, 80kW thermal power and 260kWh battery storage – equivalent to 80 homes. Packaged within a standard 20ft shipping container, a GeoPura HPU and a supply of hydrogen can be delivered to almost any site that requires off grid, temporary, supplementary or back up power, providing easy access to zero-emissions electricity.

The HPU can be configured to deliver combined heat and power (CHP), providing free hot water and heating on-site. It can also integrate highspeed EV charging to enable electric site vehicles to be charged and used on site.

Whereas a typical 250kVA diesel generator would emit 960g of CO2 per kWh, as well as 932.5g of NOx/HC, and 327.5g of CO per hour of operation; the HPU emits zero pollutants. The only emission from an HPU is pure water and the unit emits far less noise pollution.

About UKIB

The UK Infrastructure Bank was announced as part of the Government’s National Infrastructure Strategy in 2020 and launched in June 2021. The Bank has £22bn infrastructure finance to deploy on projects which help tackle climate change and to support regional and local economic growth. The Bank is operationally independent from Government and projects are assessed by the Bank and approved through an Investment Committee.

About Barclays Sustainable Impact Capital:

As part of the firm’s broader commitments, Barclays will invest up to £500m of its own capital, led by the Principal Investments team, into global climate technology companies by the end of 2027 – helping support our clients’ transition towards a low-carbon economy. Investments will be strategic to Barclays, its clients and the communities it serves, with clear scalable propositions that deliver both environmental benefits and economic returns. To find out more, click here.

Contact: Holly Brown – / 07881355625

About SWEN Capital Partners

SWEN Capital Partners is a key player in the field of responsible investment in unlisted assets in Europe. With more than EUR 8.00* billion under management, SWEN Capital Partners offers a wide range of investment programmes for institutional and private clients. The management company integrates ESG criteria into all its asset management activities and has been implementing a corporate climate policy since 2017. In 2019, it strengthened its initiatives for fairer and more sustainable growth by launching a direct equity impact strategy in infrastructure. SWEN Capital Partners is owned by Ofi Invest group (whose main shareholder are entities of the Aéma group: Macif, Abeille Assurances holding, Aésio Mutuelle) and Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, as well as a part of its team.

* Calculated as the amount of total investment.

Press contact: Lola FORNARI – / +33649872835

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