Supercharging sales at GeoPura – meet Will Docherty, our new Head of Sales

Supercharging sales at GeoPura – meet Will Docherty, our new Head of Sales




Introducing Will Docherty, our new Head of Sales at GeoPura!  With his expertise in the power industry and dedication to sustainability, Will is the perfect fit to support customers to reduce their emissions and achieve their environmental goals.

We recently sat down with Will to learn more about his background and what inspired him to join our mission-driven team. Here’s what he had to say:

Q. What inspired you to join GeoPura and work towards a more sustainable future in the power industry?

A. Having experience within the temporary power industry and witnessed the environmental challenges, I strongly believe that we need to transition to cleaner and greener energy sources. GeoPura’s vision aligns perfectly with my passion for sustainability. It’s innovative approach and dedication to developing sustainable power solutions truly inspired me to join the team.

Q. Could you share a bit about your background and experience that led you to this position?

A. I have spent 10 years within in the diesel generator industry, with a background in temporary power generation and a deep understanding of sustainable technologies. My experience includes designing and implementing renewable energy projects, managing power generation systems, and exploring innovative solutions for sustainable energy production. This background has equipped me with the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute effectively to GeoPura’s mission.

Q. In your opinion, what sets GeoPura apart from other companies in the industry when it comes to delivering sustainable power solutions?
A. GeoPura stands out among other companies in the industry due to their holistic approach to sustainability. They not only focus on developing advanced technologies but also prioritise the entire lifecycle of their power solutions. From design and manufacturing to installation and maintenance, GeoPura ensures that their solutions have minimal environmental impact while maximising efficiency and performance. Their commitment to transparency and accountability further sets them apart.

Also being from the North East, it’s fantastic to see the units being manufactured at scale in Newcastle in collaboration with Siemens Energy.

GeoPura is at the forefront of supporting the construction and film industries to achieve their net zero ambitions, from providing zero-emission power to HS2 to supporting the next big blockbuster production.

Q. What do you see at the key advantages of GeoPura’s HPUs over traditional diesel generators, and how does GeoPura leverage these advantages to benefit its clients?

A. GeoPura’s HPUs offer numerous advantages over traditional diesel generators. Firstly, they significantly reduce carbon emissions and air pollution, providing a cleaner and healthier environment. Secondly, HPUs are highly efficient and cost-effective, helping clients save on operational expenses with regards to reduced downtime. Moreover, the modular design of GeoPura’s HPUs allows for scalability and flexibility, enabling clients to meet their power needs with ease. By leveraging these advantages, GeoPura empowers its clients to transition to sustainable power solutions seamlessly.

Q. How do you see the future of power generation evolving, and what role do you believe GeoPura will play in driving that transformation?

A. The future of power generation is evolving rapidly, and GeoPura is at the forefront of driving this transformation with green hydrogen. As we move towards a carbon-neutral future, renewable energy sources such as solar and wind will play a pivotal role in power generation. GeoPura’s expertise in sustainable power solutions positions them to be a key player in driving this transformation. By continuously innovating and developing advanced technologies, GeoPura aims to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy, utilising green hydrogen and empowering businesses and communities to embrace clean, reliable, and sustainable power generation.

Will’s arrival couldn’t have come at a better time, as we are ramping up our hydrogen production capacity and preparing to release new HPUs into the fleet in the coming months. Don’t miss the opportunity to reduce emissions and embrace a more sustainable approach to power generation. Get in touch with Will to learn more about generator availability and how hydrogen can be seamlessly integrated into your operations.

Email Will directly at: or contact us online to request a call back.

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