Fuelling Net Zero with Hydrogen – how GeoPura is powering up the energy transition. Let’s discuss at COP 28

Fuelling Net Zero with Hydrogen – how GeoPura is powering up the energy transition. Let’s discuss at COP 28


Andrew Cunningham

Managing Director

Andrew Cunningham

As the world gears up for COP 28, the urgency to address climate change and transition towards a sustainable energy future is more pressing than ever. Decarbonisation and improving local air quality are at the heart of this, and GeoPura is leading the charge providing zero emission energy from hydrogen based fuels, on an industrial scale.

As world leaders meet to discuss global climate strategies we see increasing prominence worldwide of hydrogen as an energy vector used to contribute towards the transition to a Net Zero economy.

As hydrogen becomes more readily available globally, the potential to deploy fuel cell technology for power generation across the 30 million sites in developing nations estimated by the UN to be entirely dependent on dirty, expensive, unreliable diesel generators for power is vast. Furthermore, there is an estimated $300 billion installed base of diesel generators that have to be replaced over next decade or so with enormous scope to improve the quality of life locally and abate CO2 emissions globally.  

At GeoPura, we’re committed to advancing the adoption of green hydrogen as a means to decarbonise various aspects of the energy landscape. Our HPU, an industrial hydrogen fuelled generator, is already being utilised across a range of hard to abate sectors eliminating emissions associated with off-grid, backup, and supplementary power generation. No CO2 emissions, no particulate matter, no NOx – the only ‘exhaust’ from an HPU is clean water.

An HPU serves as an integrated clean energy solution that leverages the power of hydrogen fuel cells to generate electricity with zero carbon, or other harmful emissions. This technology is ideal for off-grid locations, providing reliable power to remote communities and critical infrastructure without relying on fossil fuels, contributing to Sustainable Development Goal 7 on universal access to affordable and reliable energy.

Find out more about how an HPU works here: The Future of Zero-Emission Power is Here! Discover how GeoPura’s Hydrogen Power Unit works, using renewable energy and water to provide power to businesses across the UK  – GeoPura

Furthermore, the HPU can be utilised as a backup or supplementary power source in areas with intermittent renewable energy resources or insufficient electrical distribution grid capacity, augmenting the power available to boost electricity supply ensuring an adequate, continuous and reliable energy supply while reducing our dependence on carbon-intensive backup generators.

Already proven by multiple high profile deployments, including recently powering the live TV broadcast of the DP World Golf tour, providing EV charging for the MOD and powering the shutdown of a Uniper power station in the UK, companies such as The BBC, Balfour Beatty, National Grid and many more are already reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable energy system today. Our success in delivering green hydrogen solutions to our customers highlights the real-world benefits of adopting this technology.

GeoPura’s innovative technology exemplifies how the transition to sustainable energy can be accelerated, not only reducing our reliance on high polluting diesel fuels but also unlocking electrical grid capacity and supporting electrification across multiple applications, including challenges associated with electrical vehicle infrastructure, which is an increasing concern in developed countries. Read more on this here: GeoPura: Paving the Way for Grid Integration and Sustainable Energy Transition – GeoPura

In addition to reducing the carbon emissions associated with power generation, utilising green hydrogen and GeoPura’s HPU generators also improves local air quality and health outcomes, reduces noise pollution and improves operational efficiencies.

Often referred to as the “fuel of the future,” however we are showing it’s the fuel of NOW. By embracing green hydrogen and solutions like the GeoPura HPU, we are accelerating the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable energy system.

GeoPura at COP 28 – Green Zone

As we come together at COP 28 in Dubai, let’s recognise the immense potential of hydrogen in our global decarbonisation efforts and discuss how fuel cell technology can be utilised to achieve climate goals.

Supported by Barclays Sustainable Impact Capital we are showcasing our sustainable power solutions at COP28. Our team will be in the Green Zone at COP 28 on kiosk #48 and would love to discuss how we can work together to ensure hydrogen continues to be a key player in decarbonising our global energy system.

Pop by the kiosk or email tiffany.scott@geopura.com to arrange a meeting time.

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