Hydrogen Power Unit

Our Hydrogen Power Unit is a step towards a greener future; producing vast amounts of energy and producing zero harmful emissions.

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GeoPura™ HPU

When the grid can’t deliver, the GeoPura HPU uses fuel cell technology to supply clean, large-scale power when and where it’s needed and the only by-product is pure water.

Leading the way in hydrogen power capabilities, the GeoPura unit has provided energy for festivals, displaced diesel generators in construction and delivered reliable power without any damaging emissions.

Our HPU is fuelled with green hydrogen which is a clean fuel. Producing green hydrogen, with renewable energy, does not harm the environment; unlike diesel and even bio replacements like HVOs, which still produce harmful emissions and can have a devastating impact on natural habitats.

GeoPura™ Hydrogen Power Unit

The key facts

The GeoPura HPU provides 250kVA of standard three-phase, 400V critical electrical power backed up by an integral 216kWh battery system.

  • 20ft portable shipping container
  • 250kW off-grid power output
  • 216kWh battery storage included in each module
  • Multiple containers can be combined to provide a fully resilient 2MW system
  • Fully redundant, uninterruptable power system rated for full load
  • Direct support for connecting grid supply or renewable generation
  • Connected renewables continue generating during external grid outages/constraints
  • Can be supplied with EV charging posts to create an off-grid charging facility
  • Can be used in a CHP (combined heat and power) mode to provide heating and hot water at no added cost
Combined heat and power

The HPU can be configured to supply 50kW of hot water (60oC) via a heat exchanger.

EV fast charging

The HPU can be supplied with charging posts to create temporary or permanent grid-independent EV charging facilities.

Multiple HPU systems

Each HPU is capable of autonomous operation and up to 8 HPUs can be combined to provide a maximum 2MW (20 minutes peak power) and 640kW continuous power.

A standard fully redundant system of 2 HPUs delivers 500kW peak power and 160kW continuous power output.

Multiple container systems continue to supply power without any interruption, as long as at least one container is operational.

Our technology

GeoPura™ support, maintenance and fuel

  • Maintenance of the GeoPura HPU is provided within the agreed purchase price
  • Hydrogen fuel will be delivered to site at the agreed price
  • The HPU purchase price will cover 24 hour, 365 days a year support from GeoPura whilst the system is in active use
  • GeoPura will provide a 24-hour support number guaranteed to be answered first call. Triage will determine severity against 4 levels

The benefits

Why choose us?

More efficient

HPUs convert hydrogen fuel directly into electrical energy. Unlike traditional combustion engines that convert fuel into heat and then mechanical work.

No harmful emissions

HPUs emit just water and a little heat. Internal combustion engines emit CO2 and pollutants such as NOx and particles.


HPUs have no moving parts and require less maintenance. Integrated 216kWh battery storage provides hours of back-up should a hydrogen supply be interrupted at any stage

About GeoPura

GeoPura was founded to help source enough clean energy to electrify our global economy and navigate the logistical issues of getting this energy to where it is needed.

The GeoPura solution uses renewable energy, normally solar PV or wind, to create hydrogen and hydrogen based zero emission fuels. This fuel is then transported to locations where a local generator converts it to electrical power. From start to finish the process is clean and carbon free – the only by-product is pure water.


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