Celebrating two years of GeoPura

Celebrating two years of GeoPura


Kat Auckland

Communications Manager

Kat Auckland

Clean Air Day 2021, 17 June, marks our second birthday… and what a couple of years it has been!

In just 24 months, GeoPura has achieved world firsts including: the first live outdoor broadcast powered by hydrogen and the first hydrogen-fueled, off-grid construction site.

Back in 2019, we chose Clean Air Day as our launch because our offer is focused on delivering clean energy for a cleaner world, not just providing an alternative to fossil fuels.

Climate Change and poor air quality are very real threats to life, and our solution supports the fight against both. In just two years, we have made huge strides towards a necessary, net-zero future.

goodwood aerial shot branded ev charging
Our EV charging; Goodwood Festival of Speed appearance

How it started…

GeoPura was launched to help source enough clean energy to electrify our global economy and navigate the logistical issues of getting this energy to where it is needed.

The GeoPura offer provides an alternative to damaging fossil fuel power generation. Burning petrol, diesel, coal and natural gas is destroying our climate, but our modern world relies on having easy access to vast amounts of energy for transport, manufacturing, recreation, healthcare, heating, lighting and nearly every aspect of our day to day lives. To decarbonise these activities, we need to source this energy from clean, sustainable, and renewable sources.

Britain’s total demand for electricity is expected to at least double as we decarbonise heat and transport and switch to electricity. Even in a country with a well maintained and reliable electricity network, this is already causing concern as we begin planning how we can upgrade the capability of local networks to deliver this increased energy requirement. In countries where the grid is already heavily supported by local diesel generation, alternative approaches are needed urgently.

The launch of GeoPura marked a turning point in hydrogen power capabilities. We demonstrated that green hydrogen could be generated, stored, transported and be used to deliver reliable, scalable and clean off-grid power for a wide variety of applications.

Our position as an enabler in this industry. We’re bringing together end-users (who are looking for viable alternatives to diesel generation and access to power where increased grid connections are not available) with renewable energy producers looking to enter the green hydrogen economy.

We are providing the technology and route to market to successfully kick-start the production and use of zero-emissions fuels on a global scale.

polestar ev charging hpu
Powering Polestar in Florence; HPU at National Grid’s Viking Link construction site

The story so far…

Within months of launching, we provided a Hydrogen Power Unit (HPU) for the Goodwood Festival of Speed, with Siemens Energy, powering a section of the festival and showcasing our HPU for the very first time.

After garnering attention from the media, including appearing on Sky News and an episode of Fully Charged with Jonny Smith; the HPU proved to be a real head-turner.

Following the success of Goodwood, GeoPura were invited to Florence, where we reunited the Polestar 1 with our green hydrogen-fuelled EV charging technology for their European Test Drive.

Continuing a string of world-firsts, the GeoPura HPU went on to provide combined heat and power to National Grid’s Viking Link construction site. The fuel cell system significantly reduced the need for diesel generators and provided innovative, sustainable, low carbon energy to the Viking Link interconnector project site.

In January 2021, GeoPura and partner Siemens Energy supplied continuous uninterrupted, emissions-free, critical electrical power to BBC Bristol’s outside broadcast unit, powering Winterwatch for two weeks.

Today, we reflect on the success of GeoPura in achieving a wealth of world-firsts, leading the way in hydrogen technology for displacing carbon-emitting generators.

Our zero-emissions technology has been supported by Siemens Energy since our inception in 2019. As leaders in renewable energy innovation and mass manufacture, their support has enabled us to make huge strides toward a net-zero future; sharing resources, knowledge, and providing space for our company and complex HPU manufacturing to blossom.

tree hpu and in siemens factory hpu
On site for Winterwatch; Siemens Energy manufacturing line

What the future holds…

While our brief history has been nothing short of revolutionary, there is still a way to go in helping companies and organization achieve their net-zero targets worldwide.

One of the crucial elements to this transition are legislative changes. We would like to see a date set from when only zero-emission electrical generators may be used.  This date could be relatively soon, say 2026 for movable generators below 1MW, with later dates for larger and permanent generator sets.

We also feel as a country we should declare a date from when hydrogen production is limited to only ‘blue’ and ‘green’: the low carbon options.

These commitments would work similarly to statements with respect to removing petrol and diesel-fueled vehicles from world markets. All combining to give us clean air in our cities and countryside as well as enabling us to meet net-zero targets before 2030, keep in line with the Paris Accord and do all we can to keep rising temperatures below a 2 ֯C increase.

It is important to note that we are not saying that hydrogen power is the only solution to overcoming the climate crisis, but it’s one of many implementations which will be crucial in our transition to net-zero.

We are overwhelmed by the interest that we are receiving from around the world and are in the process of expanding our manufacturing capabilities to meet the demand and provide 100% clean power across the globe.

As power generation from zero-emission fuels becomes more standard, and companies such as ourselves continue to provide new products, then it will be an important part of providing a clean, balanced planet for future generations.

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