GeoPura: End to end zero emissions energy with green hydrogen

GeoPura: End to end zero emissions energy with green hydrogen


Michael Oxley

Content Creator

Michael Oxley

GeoPura’s entire operation is dedicated to delivering vast amounts of energy whilst producing zero harmful emissions.

Find out how GeoPura generates and delivers zero-emissions power to a wide range of industries – from construction to film and TV production, to outdoor events here!

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    At GeoPura, we deliver 100% renewable energy wherever it’s needed.

    The process starts with renewable energy normally solar PV or wind.

    This energy drives water electrolysis to produce hydrogen or hydrogen based fuels.

    This fuel can then be transported to where its needed and a local generator or hydrogen power unit can convert it into electricity delivering the energy required for countless applications, big or small,anywhere, anytime.

    From start to finish, the entire process is clean and carbon free.

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