2019 was an incredible year, but what’s next?

2019 was an incredible year, but what’s next?


Kat Auckland

Communications Manager

Kat Auckland

In just six months we have launched our zero emissions off-grid renewable energy offer, showcased it at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and delivered it to Europe for its first commercial application. Just imagine what 2020 will hold!

20 June 2019, Clean Air Day

We officially launched GeoPura on Clean Air Day, outlining how we will harness the power of green hydrogen to deliver a zero emissions answer to generating and distributing the vast amount of renewable energy required to decarbonise and electrify our economy. Find out more

July 2019 – Goodwood Festival of Speed

We supported the Goodwood Festival of Speed’s Technology Partner, Siemens, to showcase our ‘clean’ hydrogen fuel cell system. Festivals and large outdoor events often require large, usually diesel, generators to provide power. In a world first we charged a section of the festival including the Electric Vehicles in the First Glance Paddock with 100% emissions free energy.

We attracted interest from Sky News…

and Fully Charged…

November – Polestar European Press Drive, Villa Cora, Florence

And just last month we were delighted to reunite the Polestar 1 and our green hydrogen fuel cell system at Polestar’s European test drive at Villa Cora, Florence. Find out more

2020 – So What’s Next?

If we’re going to avoid catastrophic climate change we must decarbonise.  Part of the solution will be to electrify our heating and transportation, whilst switching energy generation away from fossil fuels to renewable sources. It’s unlikely our existing electricity distribution networks will cope with the demand that will be created, and if we’re serious about reducing our emissions we need to be delivering this extra capacity through renewable sources and ending our reliance on fossil fuels.

By the end of 2020 we intend to have 100 renewable energy sites (Solar and Wind) in the UK installing industrial electrolysers to produce green hydrogen. They will be using the renewable energy they produce to electrolyse water and convert four litres of water into the hydrogen fuel equivalent of 2 litres of petrol every minute of the day, without any harmful emissions. 

At the same time we expect to sign our first long term green hydrogen energy customers and begin delivering100% emissions free grid independent, renewable electricity.  The first candidates will come from the significant number of organisations with large car parks that need renewable EV charging beyond what’s possible with the unaided grid in their location.

You will also find us providing green hydrogen based renewable power at some high-profile events as well, thank you for your support in 2019, please keep following our progress in 2020.

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