Growing Demand and Your Electricity Supply

EVs present a huge, exciting opportunity for us to clean up our air and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. However, there is an increasing awareness that decarbonisation and the UK’s ambition to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 will massively increase our demand for electricity. It’s not just Electric Vehicles which are on the increase, more of us will be heating our homes with heat pumps and peak demand is predicted to be almost twice what it is today by 2050.

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Our electricity network was never designed to cope with the mass electrification of our transport system. To be clear, The National Grid, the high voltage transmission system, is generally considered to have sufficient capacity for the immediate growth in power demand. However, the relatively low capacity of our Local Distribution Networks, the cables down our streets, local substations, etc, will rapidly become a significant problem if we intend to rely on everyone having home based EV charging.

If we did invest the huge amount of money required to double the capacity of our Local Distribution Network, and residents and businesses endured the disruption, the outcome would be an additional 2kW supply to the average household. On a street where everyone had home based EV charging, the massive investment in local cables and infrastructure would mean that our EVs would still need around 24 hours to receive a full charge. This is far too long for most people, and certainly provides no flexibility for intelligent network load balancing – they would all need the maximum power most of the time.

Even if the local electricity network issue were solved, providing EV charging at home will only ever resolve some of the problem. Over 40% of UK households don’t have a private parking space and the possible option for them to charge their EVs at home.

The world has huge challenges to overcome in terms of network capacity and generating the increasing amount of energy needed whilst reducing carbon emissions. Future planning must focus on providing large scale electricity storage and charging where it’s needed.

To meet these challenges, GeoPura are working with governments, large corporations, financiers and industry experts to install a renewably powered charger in every public parking bay in supermarkets, multi-storey car parks, railway stations, shopping centres and more - regardless of the current electricity network connection. In this way motorists will always be sure that they can access a cost effective, zero emission full charge.  Clean air and convenience.

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We can install a self-contained, zero emissions, mini-power station at your site providing all the green electricity you’ll ever need so you can benefit from the increasing number of EV owners looking to recharge.

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