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Increase your renewable energy market through Green Hydrogen.

We are at the start of something powerful. Renewable Energy demand is about to increase dramatically as we move away from fossil fuels to heat our homes and businesses and renewably power our transport network. And the words on everyone’s lips are green hydrogen.

To deliver our net-zero commitments, a carbon-free future needs to be fuelled with renewable energy, way beyond the capabilities of any electricity distribution network. We have to find a way to store and transport renewable energy as a fuel so that it’s available where and when we need it.

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Green Hydrogen Production

  • Extract more value from your renewable generation – Instead of being forced to export at a low return or curtail generation, hydrogen production allows a local, higher value use for your renewable electricity
  • Expand your operation – don’t be limited by your current grid connection. Your operation can expand to produce Green Hydrogen.
  • Renewable energy storage – Green Hydrogen is the answer to storing renewable energy for use at a later date.

Our Installations

Hydrogen technology has been advancing steadily over the last few years. Our technology simply uses a green electricity supply (wind turbine of PV source) to produce hydrogen from water using electrolysis. The separated hydrogen is pressurised and collected in hydrogen tanks that are collected daily.

GeoPura have started installing industrial scale electrolysers at thousands of renewable energy sites (Solar PV and Wind) across the globe. Each site will effectively use renewable energy to convert two litres of water into the hydrogen fuel equivalent of a litre of petrol every minute of every day, without any harmful emissions. (We get the water back when we use the fuel and react the hydrogen with oxygen). All provided on a fully serviced basis.

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Our Service

The comprehensive service solution from GeoPura and Siemens is designed to provide a guaranteed revenue stream through a serviced model. The model includes:

  • Hydrogen equipment
  • Maintenance / service contract
  • Hydrogen purchase contract at known ‘floor’ price
  • Metering and monitoring
  • Transportation

Your obligation is to provide the electricity, water and site access / pre-preparation

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