Green Hydrogen Production

Green hydrogen is produced when renewable energy is used to power water electrolysis to split water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Hydrogen can be produced using water electrolysis

  • An electrical current is passed through water using two electrodes
  • Hydrogen appears as gas bubbles at the cathode – where the electrons enter the water
  • Oxygen appears as gas bubbles at the anode

When the electric current is generated by a renewable source – such as solar or wind – the hydrogen produced is referred to as green hydrogen. This is because there are no greenhouse emissions associated with the end to end process.

Green Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen as a Fuel

Siemens GeoPura are actively looking for renewable energy producers who want to maximise their renewable energy production and generate green hydrogen at their sites.

Our reliance on fossil fuel is largely due to the ease in which it enables us to release and use energy. Renewable energy is not quite as convenient, as generation often relies on specific conditions, especially with regards to solar or wind. Green hydrogen is an effective way of storing renewable energy.

If your renewable energy production, or return on investment, is being limited by grid connection capacity or fluctuations in demand, being able to divert capacity to producing green hydrogen is the ideal solution. It could also enable you to expand your current operation.

We install industrial scale electrolysers across the globe with the capability to convert four litres of water into the hydrogen fuel equivalent of a litre of petrol every minute of every day.

The Future is Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen is being widely considered as the fuel of the future as no greenhouse gases are produced during its manufacture and no greenhouse gases are released when it is used a fuel.

When ‘burnt’ in a fuel cell hydrogen releases heat, electricity and pure water is the only exhaust.

In road transport a stack of fuel cells can be used to power an electric motor directly or generate electricity to run 1000s of EV chargers. A fuel cell stack can also be used as an off-grid generator to power or charge any electrical device or system.

The opportunities for hydrogen fuel are endless.

Green Hydrogen Production

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