Sustainability Matters: The Top 3 Reasons Why Construction Companies Should Switch to Hydrogen Generators

Sustainability Matters: The Top 3 Reasons Why Construction Companies Should Switch to Hydrogen Generators




The construction industry is a vital component of the global economy, contributing to the development of new infrastructure, housing, and commercial spaces. However, the construction sector is also a significant contributor to carbon emissions, with diesel generators being one of the largest sources of emissions on construction sites. With the increasing global focus on reducing carbon emissions, construction companies must find sustainable alternatives to traditional generators. One such alternative is GeoPura’s Hydrogen Power Unit (HPU) – a zero-emission solution that uses green hydrogen to provide clean and efficient power.  

Top reasons why construction companies should switch to hydrogen generators like GeoPura’s HPU include:  

Reduced Carbon Emissions 

The most significant benefit of switching to hydrogen generators is the significant reduction in carbon emissions. Traditional generators, that use fossil fuels like diesel, emit harmful pollutants that contribute to air pollution and climate change. In contrast, hydrogen generators produce zero emissions, making them a much more sustainable option. The GeoPura HPU is built on industrial hydrogen fuel cells that provide 250kW electrical output, 80kW thermal power, and 216kWh battery storage. This package within a standard 20ft shipping container can be delivered to almost any location, providing easy access to emissions-free electricity. 

By reducing carbon emissions, construction companies can contribute to global efforts to combat climate change and meet their net-zero targets. In addition, switching to hydrogen generators can also help companies reduce their carbon footprint, leading to significant cost savings in the long term. 

Improved Air Quality 

Diesel generators emit harmful pollutants into the air, including nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, and sulphur dioxide, which have significant negative impacts on air quality. These pollutants can have adverse effects on human health, causing respiratory problems and contributing to global warming. In addition, diesel emissions contribute to the formation of smog, which can cause visibility issues as well as harming plant and animal life. 

In contrast, hydrogen generators emit only water and heat, making them a clean and safe alternative to diesel generators. By switching to hydrogen generators, construction companies can significantly improve air quality on construction sites, reducing the health risks to workers and local communities. This is particularly important in inner-city areas, where air pollution is a significant problem. By improving air quality, construction companies can enhance their reputation as responsible employers and good neighbours. 

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GeoPura’s HPUs only emit clean water and heat

Noise Reduction 

Traditional diesel generators can be incredibly loud, contributing to noise pollution on construction sites and surrounding areas. This can lead to complaints from local residents, potentially leading to restrictions on operating hours and causing delays in project completion and cost. In contrast, hydrogen generators are much quieter, making them an ideal alternative for construction sites located in noise-sensitive areas. By switching to hydrogen generators like GeoPura’s HPU, construction companies can reduce noise levels and increase working hours, enabling 24/7 operation and ensuring timely project completion. 

The GeoPura HPU uses advanced control technology to provide efficient, clean power that matches the load, and charges up the batteries without any waste. This ensures that the unit operates quietly, making it an ideal solution for construction sites located in residential areas. By reducing noise pollution, construction companies can improve the working environment for their employees and local residents, leading to a more productive and positive work environment. 

What next?  

The construction industry has a vital role to play in achieving global sustainability goals and reducing the impact of climate change. By switching to sustainable alternatives such as GeoPura’s HPU, construction companies can significantly reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality, and reduce noise pollution on construction sites. It is essential for companies focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility in the construction sector to prioritise sustainability and explore alternatives to traditional generators. This enables them to reduce their carbon footprint and work towards achieving their sustainability goals. 

Operating an Energy as a Service model, the GeoPura HPU makes the transition away from traditional diesel generators easy. A plug and play solution, the HPU is set up and operated by GeoPura engineers and a full fuel management system, including storage, delivery and refuelling is included to make switching simple.  The unit is fully monitored and maintained to optimise performance and energy use, with regular reports provided to track fuel and energy use.  

A reliable and commercially proven solution, GeoPura has demonstrated that industry can transition seamlessly to using our HPUs for clean power.  Check out our GeoPura in action pages to find out more about how companies such as HS2, Balfour Beatty and National Grid are already successfully utilising hydrogen power on their construction sites.  

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