Local MPs introduced to GeoPura and the power of hydrogen

Local MPs introduced to GeoPura and the power of hydrogen


Kat Auckland

Communications Manager

Kat Auckland

On Friday 14th May, GeoPura were pleased to host Midlands MPs Ruth Edwards (Rushcliffe) and Darren Henry (Broxtowe); both of whom are keen to advance the Green Hydrogen economy and the key role it will play in significant job creation and scale carbon mitigation.

GeoPura MD, Andrew Cunningham, provided the MPs with a holistic overview of our offer, covering elements including: our partnership with Siemens Energy; roll out of electrolyser network; and our market-first zero-emission power generation system, the Hydrogen Power Unit (HPU).

Ruth and Darren were shown a working HPU via live linkup by a GeoPura engineer, Jez Stratford. Jez gave them a tour of a 250kW HPU, which was generating power for a large site in London while producing no harmful emissions. This demonstrated a number of the technical and performance aspects of the HPU, its uniquely quiet operations, and its ability to produce enough energy to power 80 average UK homes – all whilst emitting only pure water.

hpu side view branded on factory floor2
Our Hydrogen Power Unit (HPU)

There were lively and informed conversations around the hydrogen economy and measures that could be included within the government’s Hydrogen Strategy. At GeoPura, we are keen to support government and policy-makers of all political colours to implement strategic laws; with the goal to protect our environment and ensure a rapid transition toward renewable energy generation.

One of the crucial elements to this transition are legislative changes, such as setting a date from when only zero emission electrical generators may be used. This date could be relatively soon, say 2026 for movable generators below 1MW, with later dates for larger and permanent generator sets.  

Andrew highlighted that a clear message and succinct deadlines would enable the power industry to invest with confidence and move much more rapidly to displace the vast amounts of damaging diesel power generation. Such commitments would work similarly to statements with respect to removing petrol and diesel-fuelled vehicles from the UK market.

All combining to give us clean air in our cities and countryside, as well as enabling us to meet our net-zero targets before 2030, in line with the Paris Accord commitments.

local mps with andrew ev vehicle4
GeoPura™ MD Andrew Cunningham and Rushcliffe MP Ruth Edwards

Ruth and Darren were keen to know about the applications for zero-emissions technology at scale, to support very large construction projects and power generation – and GeoPura were delighted to share our knowledge in producing large-scale, clean energy solutions.

Overall, our time with the MPs provided a space for open discussions surrounding the governmental perspective on the hydrogen economy and their policy efforts to decarbonise. We are thankful for the interest and understanding shown by our local elected representatives, and know that it will only be by Government, industry, the private and public sector and individuals pulling together that we will succeed in reducing our carbon footprint and ultimately, saving our environment for future generations.

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