Just how much energy are we talking?


Kat Auckland

Communications Manager

Kat Auckland

There are lots of opinions on how the growing number of EVs will impact electricity demand around the globe and whether our traditional networks are going to be able to cope.

We believe the first step is to understand how much power is needed for transport. So, we created this very short animation to help:

As you can see, we’re going to need a huge amount of electrical power to electrify our transport networks. Local networks designed to deliver around 2kW to households at peak times will have to be re-engineered to provide home charging. And this would still only provide around 60% of UK households with charging facilities.

We believe local distribution networks will not be able to deliver this in time. That’s why we’re offering a new way of storing and transporting 100% renewable energy to charge EVs when and where it is needed. Read more about our offer.

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