Zero Emissions for Winterwatch

Zero Emissions for Winterwatch

An entire episode of BBC Studios Natural History Unit’s Winterwatch was powered by the GeoPura™ 250kW hydrogen power unit and energy saving batteries on Tuesday 26 January, making TV history as the world’s first large scale outside broadcast unit to be powered by green hydrogen.

GeoPura™ and partner, Siemens Energy, supplied continuous uninterrupted, emissions free, critical electrical power to BBC Bristol’s outside broadcast unit, powering Winterwatch for two weeks.

During the full run of the Winterwatch 2021 series, the hydrogen power unit provided critical back up and additional power augmentation capability, delivering around 6MWh of critical, uninterrupted energy to support the broadcast, with the only onsite emission being pure water.

This global first sets a new standard for broadcasters around the world, demonstrating how the uninterrupted critical power needed to keep live TV production facilities rolling can be delivered without any damaging emissions.

The only onsite emission from green hydrogen production is pure water.

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