Construction world first

Construction world first

GeoPura hydrogen fuel cell system to provide combined heat and power to National Grid’s Viking Link construction site.

Working in partnership with Siemens Energy our hydrogen fuel cell system, will provide off grid power and heat to National Grid’s UK Viking Link construction site.

The fuel cell system removes the need for diesel generators and provides innovative, sustainable, low carbon energy to the Viking Link interconnector project site.

GeoPura has supported Siemens Energy, lead contractor for the construction of National Grid’s Viking Link interconnector project in Lincolnshire, to install a zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell to provide off grid power to the project’s construction site for the first time.

Off grid power is needed as this site won’t have a grid connection for at least six to eight months, and the fuel cell system will provide enough heat and power for the construction village during that time, removing the need for diesel generators.


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