Great to be featured on our local BBC

Great to be featured on our local BBC


Kat Auckland

Communications Manager

Kat Auckland

BBC East Midlands featured us as part of a special broadcast on how our region is working to tackle Climate Change.

BBC Correspondent, Navtej Rohal, interviewed Andrew about how we can provide a 100% renewable end to end solution for EV charging.

We use renewable energy to electrolyse water to create green hydrogen. A liquid fuel is created with the hydrogen and transported using emissions free vehicles to where it’s needed. Finally, it’s converted back into electricity using a local generator and used to charge 1,000s of EVs. The entire process is carbon free and the only emissions are pure water and air!

Local authority transport planning teams need to consider how they are going to provide for the rapidly increasing number of EVs on our roads. Many city centre locations will experience capacity issues when they want to expand their current charging facilities and costs could escalate considerably.

The GeoPura EV charging proposition provides an off-grid solution that will grow alongside demand and we launched the concept at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

An interview with Councillor Sally Longford about the success of Nottingham City’s new ULEV Lane was also featured. Nottingham continues to be at the forefront of low carbon initiatives.

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