Getting to Know the GeoPura Hydrogen Power Unit

Getting to Know the GeoPura Hydrogen Power Unit


Kat Auckland

Communications Manager

Kat Auckland

Our Hydrogen Power Unit is a step towards a greener future; producing vast amounts of energy and producing zero harmful emissions.

When the grid can’t deliver, GeoPura uses hydrogen fuel cell technology to supply clean, large-scale power and the only by-product is pure water.

Leading the way in hydrogen power capabilities, the GeoPura unit has already delivered a series of world firsts. It has provided energy for festivals, displaced diesel generators in construction and delivered reliable power without any damaging emissions. And this is only scratching the surface of the Hydrogen Power Unit’s endless potential.

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The GeoPura Hydrogen Power Unit

The Facts and Stats

The GeoPura HPU provides 250kVA of standard three phase, 400V critical electrical power backed up by an integral 216kWh battery system.

  • 20ft portable shipping container
  • 250kW of off-grid energy
  • 216kWh battery storage included in each module
  • Multiple containers can be combined to provide fully resilient 2MW system
  • Fully redundant, uninterruptable power system rated for full load
  • Direct support for connecting grid supply or renewable generation
  • Connected renewables continue generating during external grid outages/constraints
  • Can be supplied with EV charging posts to create an off-grid charging facility
  • Can be used in a CHP (combined heat and power) mode to provide heating and hot water at no added cost

Choose Hydrogen Power

  • More Efficient: HPUs convert hydrogen fuel directly into electrical energy. Unlike traditional combustion engines that convert fuel into heat and then mechanical work.
  • No Harmful Emissions: HPUs emit just water and a little heat. Internal combustion engines emit CO2 and pollutants such as NOx and particles.
  • Reliability: HPUs have no moving parts and require less maintenance.
  • Clean Fuel: Green hydrogen is produced with renewable energy and does not harm the environment. Oil extraction and refinement can have a devastating impact on natural habitats.
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Hide and Seek with the HPU

The Journey So Far…

Our GeoPura Hydrogen Power Unit has travelled across the UK and Europe, providing a hydrogen energy solution for a variety of events, sites and productions.

Goodwood Festival 2019

We showcased our world-first Hydrogen Power Unit technology at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.  Supporting the festival’s Technology Partner, Siemens, we delivered a green hydrogen power system to charge the EVs in the First Glance Paddock and power a section of the festival.

Festivals and large outdoor events often require large, usually diesel, generators to provide power but subsequently emit harmful gases. In 2019, Siemens and GeoPura delivered a cleaner and greener alternative – the Hydrogen Power Unit provided 100% renewable, emissions free off-grid electricity.

Polestar European Press Drive

We were delighted to reunite the Polestar 1 and our Hydrogen Power Unit at Polestar’s European test drive at Villa Cora, Florence.

With partner Siemens, we installed a HPU in the grounds of the fabulous Villa Cora, Florence, to produce renewable energy to charge the Polestar 1.

This event demonstrated that you can combine spectacular locations and high-speed EV charging almost anywhere in the world.

National Grid’s UK Viking Link construction site

In August 2020, the Hydrogen Power Unit supplied heat and power to National Grid’s UK Viking Link construction site. The HPU removed the need for diesel generators and continues to provide innovative, sustainable, low carbon energy to the Viking Link interconnector project site.

Off-grid power is needed as this site currently doesn’t have a grid connection. The HPU provides enough heat and power for the construction village, removing the need for diesel generators and the harmful emissions they produce.

BBC’s zero-emission Winterwatch broadcast

An entire series of BBC Studios Natural History Unit’s Winterwatch was powered by our 250kW Hydrogen Power Unit and energy saving batteries in January: making TV history as the world’s first large-scale outdoor live broadcast to be powered by green hydrogen.

This global first set a new standard for broadcasters around the world, demonstrating how the uninterrupted critical power needed to keep live TV production facilities rolling can be delivered without any damaging emissions.

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To Stay in The Loop…

If you want to keep up with the ground-breaking Hydrogen Power Unit from GeoPura and see where it goes next, follow our social media pages.

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